What do teachers think of your evaluation system?

Across the country school districts are implementing new teacher evaluation systems that are intended to increase the frequency and quality of feedback that teachers receive.  The belief is that with more observations and better quality feedback teachers will improve.  In fact, the amount of effort schools invest in developing and implementing new teacher evaluations has been immense.  One study found that principals spend over 5% of their time on classroom observations and much additional time writing evaluations and meeting with teachers.  But how do we know it teachers value our feedback or where we might improve? 

Despite the heavy investment in new evaluations, most schools are not evaluating whether teachers value the feedback they receive or what makes them more likely to value certain feedback.  In November of 2015 the Regional Education Lab at Marzano Research released the Examining Evaluator Feedback Survey.  This survey is designed to collect teachers' perceptions of the feedback they receive from their primary evaluator.  The survey was developed using an iterative process that included researchers and practitioners involved in the Educator Effectiveness Research Alliance.  The survey and supporting documentation is available here.

I highly recommend that schools and district use this survey as a part of their plan to evaluate the quality of their teacher evaluation system.  To support system that use this survey I have developed some dashboards that make it much easier to organize and analyze the data from this survey.  Below is a screenshot.  Checkout all the dashboards here.

I'd love your thoughts on how this could be improved.  

Contact me if you are interested in using this survey and these dashboards to collect feedback from your teachers.