Over 15 years developing and deploying school-based surveys.  Think Strategy has teacher, parent, and student surveys ready to go.  We have several other survey offerings, including a strategic planning survey.  In addition to these original surveys, Think Strategy uses publicly available surveys and turns them into useful visualizations.  Two exciting examples of survey visualization are below.    

Below is a visualization of the results of a K-12 parent survey.  The survey, from the Harvard School of Education, is available on SurveyMonkey.  However, making sense of the data using the visualization tools in SurveyMonkey is nearly impossible.  I have built a couple of dashboards that are simple and make it easy for the user (whether school principal, school team, parents, or other) to analyze the data and come to useful conclusions.   

We invest a lot of time and money in our teacher evaluations.  The goal, of course, is that more frequent and useful feedback regarding teaching will improve learning in the classroom.  Despite the importance we assign to feedback, we rarely ask teachers their perception of the feedback they receive from their evaluator.  Does the feedback include specific ideas for improving?  Is the feedback accurate?  Is their evaluator credible?   Last November the Regional Education Lab at Marzano Research released the Examining Evaluator Feedback Survey.  This survey is designed to collect teachers' perceptions of the feedback they receive from their primary evaluator.  I highly recommend that schools and districts use this survey as a part of their plan to evaluate the quality of their teacher evaluation system.  

To support system that use this survey I have developed some dashboards that make it much easier to organize and analyze the data from this survey. NOTE: there are four tabs at the top of the dashboard that allow you to toggle to different data views.